(CIN: U45201TZ2006PTC012761)

  • The Company was brought under the Insolvency Resolution Process, by the Order of the Hon'ble NCLT in CP/158/IB/2018 on 12/02/2020 and Shri. P. Sriram was appointed, as the Interim Resolution Professional.

  • Interim Resolution Professional published the Form A in the Business Standard and Dinamani on 17/02/2020 calling for the claims from the stakeholders.

  • IRP Shri. P. Sriram constituted the Committee of Creditors and intimated the same to the Hon'ble NCLT.

  • Shri. R. Raghavendran, B.Com, FCA, CISA, was appointed as the Resolution Professional by the Order of the Hon'ble NCLT in IA/340/2020 in CP/158/IB/2018 on 29/05/2020.

  • IRP and RP received the Claims, collated the same and the Status of the Claims received as on 09/10/2020 are here.

  • Calling for Expression of Interest - Form G.

  • Claims list as on 25/12/2020 are here

  • Calling for Expression of Interest on 31/03/201 - Form G.